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We are proud to say we have been specialising in office and all commecial carpet cleaning for over 18 years and have worked for some of the UK's largest carpet tile manufacturers, providing a bespoke service,  designing maintenance plans for office carpet tiles to keep them and your office looking like new throughout the year.

We are pleased to offer our customers several different carpet cleaning options, dependent on which would best suit their carpets (e.g. dependent on the degree of soiling, carpet type and manufacturer's recommendations), and our Commercial Carpet Cleaning Teams are fully trained in a variety of methods of carpet cleaning.

The steam cleaning method is used to offer a deep restoration clean whilst our Host Dry* compound carpet cleaning system and theTexatherm system are ideal for maintenance cleaning and allow us to cover a wide area of carpet tiling.

Host Dry compound Cleaner is a unique technology that deep cleans by dissolving, trapping & absorbing dirt. It is a soft, natural product, moistened with a controlled amount of water and safe cleaning ingredients. Each formula is safe, nontoxic and biodegradable. All of our machines employ the power of counter-rotating brushes that lift the carpet pile, to revive matted traffic lanes and dislodge soil from carpet fibres to result in a deep clean and superior soil removal.

Allow us to design a carpet cleaning maintenance plan for you, to ensure your carpets look great all year round, bearing in mind budget constraints and your particular requirements.

Our Commercial Carpet Cleaning are experts in their field and we cover a variety of different premises including offices, restaurants, hotels, pubs, schools, colleges, universities etc. and with regular carpet cleaning you can ensure:-

  • Your carpets look good throughout the year.
  • Your work environment is improved.
  • Your investment is protected.
  • Protection against allergies and pests
  • Your money is saved on future replacements.

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